Digital NEXEDGE® NXDN, dPMR, DMR, ATEX, dPMR446, DECT radios and systems

Kenwood entered the professional two-way market in 1978 and in 2001 released its first digital two-way radio transceiver operating on the P25 protocol.


By 2008, having jointly developed the NXDN™ digital protocol, Kenwood launched the NEXEDGE® advanced digital two-way radio system winning the prestigious Federation of Communications Services Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award in 2010.


To date, there are over 1,000,000 NEXEDGE® and NEXEDGE® ATEX certified devices in use with thousands of customers across hundreds of applications, from Business & Industry to Mission Critical Public Safety in over 160 countries.


In line with its technology and protocol neutral stance, Kenwood's digital line-up has been significantly expanded and now includes the revolutionary NX-5000 Series which brings dual technology, multi-protocol capability and unsurpassed interoperability to a wide variety of applications as it supports analogue FM and two different digital protocols in a single radio.


Kenwood’s ETSI compliant range features NEXEDGE® dPMR, ProTalk® license-free dPMR 446, DMR and most recently, to bridge the gap between traditional two-way radio, intercom and full-duplex telephony, its easy-to-use, license-free ProTalk® Digital Wireless Intercom System (DECT) solutions.


Kenwood NEXEDGE NXDN digital two way radio systems offer the flexibility to harness the advantages of digital technology in a proven fully scalable format across voice and data applications. Whether for peer to peer communications, multi-channel systems or nationwide IP trunked networks, theres a NEXEDGE solution thats right for you.


Kenwood digital ATEX/IECEx certified hand portable radios are designed for use in environments where explosive gas or combustible dust threaten worker safety. They are available in VHF and UHF versions and incorporate all the advanced features of the proven NEXEDGE platform alongside a host of lone worker and advanced safety features.


NEXEDGE dPMR 2-way radios and mobile digital two way radios and repeaters offer many of the benefits of the NEXEDGE NXDN protocol in voice applications including outstanding voice quality, extended range, increased security, flexibility, economy and spectrum efficiency in a simple to deploy multi-vendor, ETSI compliant format.


Kenwood’s DMR hand-portables are now joined by matching mobiles & repeaters, bringing the benefits of DMR communications to many more users. For both on-site and local area coverage these radios offer a valuable upgrade to existing communications, while still working seamlessly with legacy analogue radios.

ProTalk Digital PMR446

Kenwood ProTalk digital hand-portable walkie talkies offer 16 digital channels for congestion-free communications, switchable digital/analogue modes, the increased clarity and range of digital and the quality, reliability, durability and ease of use thats made ProTalk PMR446 the preferred choice of professional users around the world.

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