AVL and Dispatch Software  

Key Features  

Windows-based software with AVL and Dispatch features

Low-cost initial package, optional license upgrades

Two configurations for enhanced scalability:

- A simple, PC-based standalone AVL & Dispatch system

- Multi-client operation with remote server; accepts up to 8 RF systems and 10 clients

UI design with emphasis on functionality and maneuverability

Supports diverse digital radio systems

User-selectable options: Location Management, Voice Dispatch, Voice Path, Multi-client capability for a server, Voice Record and RF System functions

Software Basic Features  

Flexible and scalable operator positions

Multi-role dispatching functions

- IP Voice dispatch console

- AVL, fleet monitoring and mapping

- Call log and Event sharing

- Voice recording/playback

Supports multiple KENWOOD IP interfaces: DMR Conv, NXDN Conv, Type-C Trunking and Gen2

High optimized GUI

- User configurable call windows and patch windows

- Map with editable unit icons, groups and imported layers

- Shortcut keys and configurable key bindings

Server managed user levels, configurations and permissions.

Up to 30 users can be registered with 10 simultaneous logins.

Server stores all communications log and data such as GPS, Status, messages, audio, etc.

Import/export asset lists (e.g. unit, group, fleet) via TSV format

Manual/audio asset list creation

Software Fleet Management Features  

Location management for up to 1.000 subscriber units

Compatible with both Open StreetMap and scanned maps

KML and CSV export

Image layers can be individually switched on or off via Additional Layer Window

Auto & manual polling, Loneworker, GPS time mark, GeoFencing, Track units, Go to home position, etc.

Position Log & Play

Software Dispatch & Voice Recording Features  

Console to: Unit, Talkgroup/Channel, Console calls

Soft vocoder: Capable of simultaneous processing of up to 8 paths

Configurable Call Box window

- Put any individual, talkgroup, console with priority

- Adjustable volume/mute per call box

- UID/alias indicator

- Configurable color and size

Voice recording and playback

- Stores all voice in AMBE+2, quick replay from log window

- Exports voice data to MP3 data format


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