• NX-240M2


VHF NEXEDGE Mid-Tier Digital/Analogue Portable Radio - (non-EU Use) 

Key Features

NXDN FDMA Digital Air Interface

AMBE+2 Vocoder for Natural Sounding Digital Voice

Operates in NXDN Digital Conventional and FM Analogue modes, even on the same channel. Autosenses Received Mode (Digital or Analogue)

Digital Conventional Mode (does not support Trunking mode)

Signalling modes include CTCSS/DCS, FleetSync, MDC-1200, DTMF & 2-Tone

Digital and Analogue Scramblers built-in

True 6.25 kHz channel spacing operation

Includes Radio-To-Radio Mode (no repeater needed)

IP54/55 and MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F/G Certification 

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range - M2 Type 136 - 174 MHz

Number of Channels 32

Number of Zones 2

Channel Frequency Spread 38 MHz

Channel Spacing Analogue : 12.5 kHz

Channel Spacing - Digital 6.25 kHz

Antenna Impedance - 50 Ohm Yes

Battery Life 5-5-90, Battery Saver ON - 

with KNB-45L: approx 12 hours

with KNB-69L: approx 17 hours

with KNB-53N: approx 9 hours

Frequency Stability ± 2 ppm (-30 °C to + 60 °C)

Operating Temperature Range -30 °C to + 60 °C

Operating Voltage 7.5 V DC ± 20%

Dimensions With KNB-45L/53N/29N:

54 x 122 x 35.3 mm

With KNB-69L:

54 x 122 x 39.4 mm

Weight (net) With KNB-45L: 281 g

With KNB-69L: 296 g

With KNB-53N: 351 g


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