Multi Charger Adapter (requires KSC-35SCR pockets)  

Key Features  

6-way Multi Charger Adapter. Requires up to 6 x KSC-35SCR Charger Pockets (not included)

Available in UK KMB-35T and EU KMB-35E versions

Also accepts Pockets from existing KSC-35/KSC-35S Chargers  

Accessory Features

Operating Temperature Range -0 °C to + 40 °C

Operating Voltage Range Output = 12 V/0.8 A x 6 pcs

A.C. Voltage (variable) 101 to 240 volts

Dimensions W x H x D - 272 x 245 x 74 mm

Weight 2.3 kg KMB-35 only


  • Product Code: KMB-35
  • Availability: Предзаказ

Tags: Accessories, Chargers